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Ant Pest Control By Pest Control Services Hertfordshire

As all ants are social insects and a nest can contain many thousands of individuals who are part of a social hierarchy were each is born into their own caste which dictates their position within the colony and the type of work they action. Pest Control Services Hertfordshire insecticide bait is a quick way of ant pest control as the ants are attracted to eat, will eat it and then it is taken back to the rest of the colony and kill them.

Species Of Ant In Your Hertfordshire Home

Not all species of ants will nest in the nooks and crannies of nearby buildings and forage for food inside but instead construct nests and house their colony in the ground or in logs and trees. A colony of black garden ants will often build their nest close to a dwelling and these robust and fast insects will forage for food inside your home.

The most effective methods of ant control requires finding the ants nest and managing the whole colony as ants are social insects they will return to the nest.

Ant Control Treatment By Pest Control Services Hertfordshire

No one wants insects in their home and that includes black garden ants, this species of ant can speed disease around your home so call Pest Control Services Hertfordshire on 01923 372 147 for help and advice with ant pest control.

If you are suffering from a ant invasion Pest Control Services Hertfordshire can carry out professional ant control in Hertfordshire for ants no matter what species.

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